ELAC Integrator IS-AMP1275 Rack Mount Amplifier

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Integrator™ Series Amplifiers

IS-AMP1275 12 Channel DSP Amplifier

Our multi-channel amplifiers provide full matrix capability, any input to any output. Discrete Class D amplifiers ensure robust power even under the most demanding loads. Unique assignable outputs allow for the easy addition of powered subwoofers and amplifiers to multiple zones


Full Matrix Audio Routing

Route any input to any output. Our WEB based GUI makes customizing the amplifier simple.


8, 12, or 16 Channels of Premium Power

Each ELAC Multi-channel amplifier uses a modular design and efficient Class D amplifiers. The 8 Channel Amplifier delivers up to 100 Watts per channel, while the 12 Channel delivers up to 75 Watts and the 16 Channel delivers up to 75 watts.


Configurable Audio Outputs

All of our multi-channel amplifiers feature assignable outputs (8-Channel 4 Outs), (12/16- Channel 8 Outs) allowing for extremely flexible projects. Power a room off in-ceiling speakers with the built-in amplifiers and assign one of the outputs to a powered subwoofer in the same room. You can even apply highpass filters to the in-ceiling/in-wall speakers.


Advanced DSP

Our advanced DSP allows for great flexibility when setting up each zone. A full Parametric Equalizer can be used for each output or simply use one of our presets for ELAC speakers to simplify the setup.



Our WEB GUI allows for easy setup and tuning of the amplifier. A status screen shows the current state of each channel along with both input and output levels for each channel. Settings can be saved for easy replication of projects.


  • Input Channels: 12
  • Output Channels: 12
  • Assignable outputs: 8
  • Power output per channel @ 4W: 75W
  • Power output per channel @ 8W: 75W
  • Topology: Discrete Class D
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20 KHz
  • Optical Input: No
  • Dimensions (WxL): 425.45 mm x 346.08 mm
  • Rack Spacing: 2 RU
  • Remote learning: No
  • IP commands available (third party control): YES
  • DSP: YES
  • Wireless subwoofer transmitter: No
  • BLE connectivity: No
  • App control: No
  • Ethernet connection: YES