ELAC Discovery Connect DS-C201PRO Pro 8 Zone Music Server

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Discovery Connect Pro is a 1RU Rack Mountable dual ARM based system delivering 8 independent stereo zones. The connect pro serves as 8 Independent or grouped endpoints for ELAC’s Discovery Music Server or the Roon’s Nucleus system.


8 Zone Audio Distribution


The Discovery Connect Pro offers 8 Independent audio zones from Discovery/Roon based Music Servers. Zones can grouped together for synchronised audio.


Analog and Digital Outputs

Six analog and two digital outputs provide flexibility for different zone configurations.


Support for High Resolution Audio


Built-in 192kHz 24-Bit audio DACs for each of the analog outputs ensure all zones offer no compromise audio. The digital outputs provide native audio up to 192kHz 24-bit to use with your own favourite DAC.


  • Output Channels: (6 analogue, 2 digital)
  • Rack Spacing: 1 RU
  • IP commands available (third party control): Yes
  • End Point Support: Yes (Discovery and Roon)
  • Ethernet connection: Yes
  • Third party control: Yes
  • Dimensions (WxL): 425.45mm x 346.08mm