Chord C-lite Toslink-Toslink Optical



Digital Optical Audio Interconnect

A new range of optical cables designed to perform in any situation that requires an optical connection.


The new Chord C-lite optical cable is available fitted with a specially designed optical mini jack connection that’s been purpose built for use with miniature players, yes there are adaptors but a properly terminated cable will work so much better, The C-lite range features mini jack to mini jack, mini jack to Toslink and Toslink all available in a wide range of sizes; from pocket size portable up to longer lengths for use in home systems.

Key Features:

  • Wide bandwidth PMA optical cable the ends of which have been polished to improve bandwidth
  • The central conductor is protected by an internal jacket of soft PVC which is then covered with a hard skin PVC outer jacket, to give protection while maintaining flexibility
  • Available in both Toslink to Toslink and mini-jack to Toslink configurations